A common question I hear around this time of year is, “Should I sell in the fall?” Many homeowners looking to sell are thinking about factors such as the new school year, the upcoming winter, and other reasons that may make it a bad time to list. With all this in mind, is it actually a good time to sell? The quick answer is: yes!

Jacksonville is a destination market for many throughout the country, so it’s typically always a good time to sell here. The seasonal influence on our market is hyperlocal and mainly comes from people escaping snowy weather or military relocation.

“It’s typically always a good time to sell here.”

There are three reasons to sell now:

1. There is little competition. People who weren’t serious about selling have removed their homes from our market.

2. Buyers are more serious. Our inventory is lower but buyers are motivated, especially with the holidays on the horizon; they want to relocate quickly. People in the summer have more to choose from and don’t have the same sense of urgency.

3. Interest rates will rise. It’s a good idea to act now before rates go up even more. We’re getting news that they’ll be rising again and buyers want to get a home before the increases hit.

Buyers are coming here with a purpose and a deadline, so now is the time to contact us if you’re looking to sell your home. We look forward to hearing from you soon.