If you’re preparing your home for sale, the two most important rooms you need to focus on are the kitchen and the master bathroom.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it tops this short list as the most important. Your kitchen should be the first thing buyers see and the most memorable. It doesn’t have to be brand new, but it needs to be as clean as you can possibly make it.

There are a lot of tips we could give you to make your kitchen shine, but to start, make sure your countertops are clear and that your appliances match and are top quality. Remember, buyers will literally be eating off of those counters, so they need to feel comfortable in your kitchen.

“Your kitchen should be the first thing buyers see and the most memorable.”

When it comes to the master bathroom, the same rule applies: Everything should look crisp and clean. Remove all personal hygiene products, set out bright white towels, and try to make your floors look as bright and neutral as possible. Essentially, you want to make it look like a museum. As the second most important room in the house, you want to make it the second most memorable.

To summarize, these two rooms should set a tone that speaks to the quality and cleanliness of your house.

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